Most Likely Season

"...the life of the 'First Place Nice Guy'..."

Music is not evil. People are evil. Firearms are not evil. People are evil. Nuclear weapons are not evil. People are evil. Inanimate things are not evil. People are evil. Motivation by music is a powerful human instinct. Every culture, every race, virtually every human. Why the powerful influence? Why is it there? Evolution? No lower animal has this instinct. It’s not needed for survival. It is simply there for our enjoyment. Or our elevation. Or our destruction. We choose. That’s free will.

—random youtube user…

….**watches the thirst rise**

….**watches the thirst rise**

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shouts out to my boy, James Fisher aka Giacomo Fischetti…and Joe Desantis!!! AUTOMATIC COP RIGHT HERE!! #DOPEAMINE

one of my favorite beats…and bridge melodies from Pharrell…song gets me

'…you can't be me i'ma rockstar…'

…the versatility…

..and it wouldn’t be right if I ain’t post the remix, because they all killed this too…

'…so don't try to run up on my ear talkin' on that raspy shit…'